Other Writing Projects

Ship Has Sailed.

Two children take the long journey from England to India by ship in the 1920’s. What begins as a game to keep them out of the way of the adults on board develops into a web of intrigue, espionage and diamond smuggling.


The Spanish Neighbour.

A officer retires to the quiet of rural England after fighting the war against Napoleon in Spain and attracts the attention of his neighbours. He seems an ideal tenant and highly eligible, until his unconventional household and the arrival of several undesirable characters threaten to disrupt the tranquility of the village. Why are they pursuing him, how did he make his fortune and is he even a Gentleman?



A young girl babysits for a neighbour whose past has caught up with her. Student revolutionaries, corporate hacking and murder unravel as she battles with two would-be kidnappers, ex-boyfriends and stalkers.



A novel set in a world of Moles and Uns, where you are judged by not only the colour of your skin and your beliefs but what your skin can do. People are persecuted for the ability to control the blemishes on their skin and learn simply through touch. A series of gruesome murders threatens to trigger a witch hunt and send the world back into a dark age of executions.


The Soul Box.

A boy takes an old camera from a junk shop and discovers that it holds a strange, demonic power. What is held inside and why does it scream at night? As he tries everything he can to return it to the shopkeeper, he learns the camera’s story but finds that no one is keen to take it back.


The Sharpener.

A novel about a young would-be chef, struggling to escape his past in a street gang, who lands a dream job in a new, fashionable restaurant. He lands in the middle of the battles between the owners, struggling to take control of the kitchen and the business – and the gangsters demanding protection money.


A Sign of Guilt.

A young nobleman persuades an alchemist, attempting to live a quiet life, to help him rescue his beloved, imprisoned for witchcraft. How do they keep themselves and other innocents from being burnt at the stake? Can they escape under the noses of the Inquisition? And does she want to be rescued?

Out there, outside the window.

A boy in an apartment observes the city at night and senses something strange living outside his window.

Fingers. Monsters & Darkness.

The sequel to Thumbs and second part of the ‘How to Steal the World’ trilogy.


Heads. Dragons & Kings.

The sequel to Fingers and the third part of the ‘How to Steal the World’ trilogy.






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