A dwelling for dragons…

“…a dwelling for dragons and a desolation for ever: there shall no man abide there, nor any son of man dwell in it.”

The reviews are still flooding in…

“Just finished Thumbs and…headline is I absolutely loved it!
Cracking pace, lovely characterisation and a really rich, visceral and believable reality.
A right page turner, and an immersive and involving world. Lovely job! “
Dan Parkinson – Brand Strategist, London

“Well done. Its such a great story well written.”
Debbie – Education & Literacy Consultant, West Sussex.

“You’ve rewritten it? But I liked the last draft! And my younger brother loved it, too.”
Sam – Creative Director, New York.

“Correction. “Bloody loved it.””
James – IT Consultant, London

…and finding a silver lining amongst the rejection letters…

“We enjoyed your writing…”

“I was intrigued by the concept…and I’ve enjoyed reading. I really feel that you write well …some of your descriptions are lovely!”

(Please add “But…” at the end of these.)

The Fiery Serpents

“The Seraphim…have six wings, two to cover their eyes, two to cover their feet, two to fly with.

Interesting thing is, the word “seraphim” means literally “fiery serpent”. Sounds to me like dragons.

So the seraphim are not some “angelic” human beings..they are huge, fiery, six-winged dragons.”


Source: Thanks to micahredding.com/blog

Dragons and Drooling Monsters…Seconds Out, Next Round


Just been on a storytelling course, so lots of ideas for giving Thumbs that little extra bit of edge and magic.

And, as far as I can tell, dragons are still reasonably popular, so that’s good.


Curse of the Demon Columbia Pictures 1957


Alien: Ridley Scott / 20th Century-Fox

Chapter Fifteen: A Book And His Donkey

Tarot_Card___The_Hanged_Man_by_alienbiruTarot Card : The Hanged Man by alienbiru50e7b5fa4497e066f8e412aa626e9161cross-upsidedown-lipsius-p670

Sofia hadn’t remembered the south road being lined with trees, yet she could make out the shapes of something growing at the side of the road, spaced every twenty yards or so along the way. She had been ordered to lie still and remain quiet so as not to attract any attention, but she wriggled for a few minutes to improve her view.

Two bodies were suspended from each of the newly constructed gibbets by their feet. Men and women, even children, executed by the Duke as a message to his new army, “This is what happens to traitors and deserters”; this is what happens to anyone foolish enough to oppose his will. All of the victims were gruesome, white and grey and bloated in death. But every third or fourth corpse stood out from the others, the skin mottled and patterned.

The Captain reined in his horse while the cart continued to roll along. Sofia could see him looking up at one of the gibbets and she thought that she saw the top of Book’s head, too, but she couldn’t see what had caught their attention. As the cart moved on her view opened out and she could make out the naked body hanging above them. The arms of the dead man were heavily tattooed, shoulder to wrist, with a serpent or dragon. She had seen identical markings before, almost every day and never thought they were significant until now, it had never occurred to her that the dragons on her father’s arms held any meaning. Now she wondered why he shared the same markings with so many of the dead.

Excerpt: Thumbs


St. George Saves

New thinking proposes that the Big G, later Saint G, was a really good, even Christian kind of a guy, the kind of guy you’d want to have on your side. So, unnecessary slaughter of any creature was against his principles, no matter how justified that seemed to be to the community around him.

Having a mind of his own and a true sense of right or wrong he not only saved the town, the girl and the planet, but he would go out of his way to save the dragon, too.

Of course he would.

That’s what good guys do.