Mountain Wilderness






Marching round the town

Alaric_entering_Athens canterbury1

Banners flap and billow like lines of giant’s laundry in the dry summer breeze. Sunlight flashes off helmets and breastplates. Trumpets blare, muscular horses strut and stamp on the cobblestones, sending up sparks in the dry heat.

The people gawp at the soldiers, chests out, banging swords on shields. There are monsters, exotically costumed devils dancing around the squares. Fire breathers, jugglers, flag throwers, tumblers all vie to out-do each other, throwing their batons higher, belching out flames, spinning dizzy somersaults. Colour is splashed across every street, bunting hanging from balconies and high windows.

HansBurgkmair15161518TriumphzugKaiserMaximilians6061 WyethBaja Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken Olaus Magnus Historia om de nordiska folken swashbuckling+16c scan0002 Prince-Valiant-10-2-38 11390-050-09DF3384 Procession+of+the+Middle+King Procession-of-the-Holy-League-in-1590-xx-Francois-Bunel boleynprocession medieval-crusades-2

The Tower Thing

8566096237a94f084e9b6b3ef84678a4d8efcc0faf865a52b69de95224441642 Castle Tower (Caenarvon Castle) wattercolour 27.9 x 19.7 cmHugh_William_'Grecian'_Williams_-_Goodrich_Castle desert-tower dscf0052