Warrior Women – Part Deux

Woman in Military Fight

I’ve talked before about inspirational warriors and women taking up arms. Mediaeval and Renaissance art subjects were often inspired by Classical literature, such as the story of Penthasilea, the Amazonian queen and the daughter of Ares and Otreraand the sister of Hippolyta, Antiope and Melanippe.

Penthesilea fought at Troy: she had killed Hippolyta with a spear when they were hunting deer; which caused her so much grief that she wished only to die as a warrior, honorably in battle. Penthesilea tried to fight Ajax but he laughed off her attempts, thinking her unfit to face him. Achilles eventually kills her, needing only one blow to her breastplate to knock her over and leave her begging for her life. He is unmoved by her pleas, and kills her, mocking her corpse until he removes her helmet, at which point he feels remorse.

Woman fighting to defend Castle  Giovanni+Boccaccio,+Des+cléres+et+nobles+femmes+Woman+Warrior 180px-Semiramis-Regina Penthésilée_BnF_Français_599_fol._27v

Everything here pretty much lifted wholesale from “It’s About Time”:

See Part One at:


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